Daniella Saunders, MA (Phil), BA(Hons), RGN

Founder of Enlightened Health Academy

Why I do this...

For over thirty years I have been helping people to improve their health and well-being.

During this time, I have been fortunate enough to have experienced health and well-being from 4 different perspectives:

  • as a registered nurse within the NHS
  • as a mind-body health coach and therapist
  • through direct personal experience of chronic illness
  • by studying metaphysics and philosophy of mind, spirituality and health.

Exploring the mind-body connection so deeply has helped me to realise that emotional health is perhaps the most important component of long-term health and well-being, and yet is also the one which people struggle with the most.

Day after day, I see people struggling and having such a difficult time in life. Feeling dismissed, unheard and unseen. Not knowing what they can do to improve their life and health. Feeling frustrated and fearful about the future.  I have been there myself, and so I fully understand what you are going through.

The real journey of health and well-being can be difficult and challenging. It's one thing to read something in a book.  It is something quite different to be able to put what you have learnt into practice.

So, now that I have successfully come out of the other side of this journey being stronger and wiser, I want to share what I have learnt with you.

I invite you to work with me, and discover practical ways you can reduce your symptoms, improve your health, and to change the patterns, thoughts and beliefs which influence your well-being.  So that you too can have a better experience of life.

Main Qualifications

Wisdom & Spirituality

MA (Phil) - Eastern & Western Philosophy: studying metaphysics, philosophy of mind, religion and health. Dissertation - Approaches towards trauma, spiritual experience and mental illness.

BA (Hons) - Philosophy, Spirituality & Health: Studies including mind-body health, religion, scientific theory, rationality, ethics

Holistic Health

FD(Sc) - Complementary Therapies: Studying the relationship between spirituality and health, and the mind-body connection

Professional Qualifications in several therapies, including remedial massage, aromatherapy, nutrition, reiki, reflexology, and acupressure Accredited health & well-being coach 

Chronic Illness

Professional member of the Chrysalis Effect: Specialist in recovery from chronic exhaustive conditions, including CFS, ME & fibromyalgia

Registered Nurse (RGN) with several post graduate diplomas in acute and intensive care, management of chronic health conditions, and health-related behaviour change

Professional Associations and Insurance

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