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Enlightened Health Circle

Support Circle for Wisdom, Transformation and Well-Being

EHC Membership

The Enlightened Health Circle is a coaching group for soul-centred people who want to improve their health, life and relationships as part of their journey of awakening.

Perhaps you are dealing with emotional challenges or chronic illness and need ongoing support? Or maybe you would like to understand your sensitivity and intuition? Or deepen your spiritual connection and align fully with your soul purpose?

Whatever your goals, if you feel that you resonate with our values and you would like to become part of our community, then please join the waiting list by clicking the image below and completing your contact details.  We will notify you as soon as membership opens.

The Enlightened Health Project is for people who:

  • Have an active interest in holistic health, personal development, and spiritual wisdom
  • Are highly intuitive or spiritually sensitive, and want to understand how their trait relates to awakening
  • Have high levels of sensitivity and are experiencing chronic fatigue, pain or illness
  • Feel ready to take personal accountability for making health-supporting changes in life
  • Would like to improve relationships, self awareness and spiritual connection
  • Are interested in the deeper, meaningful questions about the nature of reality, consciousness and life
  • Want to be authentic, and live life with more presence and alignment
Membership: Enlightened Health Project

Enlightened Health Circle

Group Coaching


Sign up below so that you are notified as soon as membership opens!


Enlightened Heath Circle Membership



Access to content library: personal and spiritual development, holistic living, improving health and well-being, spiritual awakening

Videos and posts so you can learn practical skills to improve your life, health and spiritual connection

Coaching exercises and workbooks for you to download and complete at home

Meditations for quietening your mind and gaining insight into your true nature

Forum where you can access support from like-minded members

Access to the Q & A forum with Daniella, for ongoing support

Members only discounts for online courses

Membership is not open yet, but you can register your interest by clicking the image below.

Simply fill in your details on the form to receive advance notification of when we are open to new members.

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