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An online well-being support group for people on a journey of personal transformation

Reduce stress, pain, exhaustion and chronic illness


The Enlightened Health Circle is for heart centred people who are experiencing:

High sensitivity, emotional burnout, low energy and exhaustion

Chronic fatigue conditions, including CFS, autoimmune disorders or fibromyalgia

Stress or anxiety - either long-term, or because of immediate, difficult circumstances

Living with chronic health conditions or illness, including disability or long-term physical health concerns

A 'dark night of the soul' - where you feel lost, and want some spiritual guidance


Here are some ways that being a member of the circle can help you:

Being part of a friendly, heart centred group of like minded, compassionate, people

Getting specialist coaching to help you improve your quality of life, reduce symptoms, and increase your resilience

Access to live group support sessions where you can meet other members and discuss your concerns in a safe and confidential space

Discuss your questions, thoughts and feelings in our exclusive members-only forum

Help you to stay uplifted and focused on improving your inner well-being, and enjoying life


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I can help you improve each of these areas of your life:

Stress, Fatigue and Chronic Illness

Reducing stress, fatigue and sensitivity

Increase your energy

Reduce fear and anxiety

Decrease unpleasant symptoms

Learn how to thrive as an empath

Break the cycle of stress

natural therapies

Healing through mindfulness

Reduce pain and inflammation

Release stored emotions

Lower your stress response

Master your mind and thoughts

Improve your health


Mastering your emotional health

Improve your relationships

Develop self-awareness and insight

Increase your levels of resilience

Increase your confidence

Experience your highest potential

Spirituality, Mind and Metaphysics

Deepening your spiritual connection

Find your life purpose

Understand mind and consciousness

Explore spirituality

Discover the nature of existence

Align with your soul

Mind-body transformation...

Health and personal growth

Crisis and opportunity are two sides of the same coin.

Personal growth rarely occurs without some type of stress - the letting go of old patterns is an essential part of allowing the space for something new to arise.

When you experience stress, then you also have an opportunity for transformation - to let go of false beliefs, to create deeper levels of self-awareness, and even to understand the nature of life.  

Whether you are going through a personal crisis, living with a chronic health condition, or struggling with a particular aspect of life, there is potential for you to choose to use this for deepening your self-awareness.

If you would like support and guidance through this process, then I invite you to join our waitlist- there is no obligation to join,  absolutely nothing to lose, and potentially lots to gain...

Guidance and support...

Why Should You Join the Circle?

Reduce symptoms of chronic stress, fatigue and illness

Learn how to thrive as a HSP, empath or spiritually sensitive person

Improve your emotional health - overcome fear or anxiety

Discover how you can use natural therapies to release emotions, increase your energy, and improve your health

Develop self-awareness and presence by understanding the nature of your mind

Attract loving, supportive relationships into your life

Use practical tools to improve your life, deal with difficult situations, and to align with your highest values

Discover real spiritual awakening and wisdom

Hi - I'm Daniella...

D Saunders

When it comes to your well-being, it's important to know that you are in safe hands, and with someone who is well qualified and experienced in what they do. So, to help put your mind at ease, here's a few of the reasons I am able to help you to improve your health, and guide you through your own spiritual journey...

  • Health: I've got over 30 years experience in healthcare - working as a senior registered nurse in the NHS and private practice, and running my own clinics for people with chronic illness.
  • Chronic Fatigue: I'm an accredited specialist practitioner in recovery of chronic exhaustive conditions with the Chrysalis Effect
  • Spirituality: I have Masters and Honours degrees in Eastern and Western philosophy. Studying philosophy has helped me to get to the deepest levels of insight about the mind, spirituality and health- and to let go of learnt theories and models which are ineffective.
  • Empathy: As a highly intuitive person myself, I can relate to what you are going through. Plus, I've also recovered from chronic fatigue and fibromylagia, so I have experience of recovery, not just learnt knowledge - a very important difference....

I offer 3 types of support to help you with stress, fatigue or well-being concerns:

Follow these links to find out more...

One-to-One Coaching
Ongoing Group Support
Online Courses

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