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The Enlightened Health Circle

An online coaching group for heart-centred people who are on

a journey of wisdom and well-being.


The circle can help you to:

Overcome stress, sensitivity and chronic illness by healing your mind, body and soul.

Learn how to use holistic and natural therapies for restoring wellness

Develop self-awareness, learn new skills, improve your relationships and reach your highest potential.

Explore the nature of mind, consciousness and spirituality, and deepen your connection with your soul.


 Spiritual seekers and heart-centred people often also suffer from a specific range of health conditions, including stress-related illness, anxiety and chronic exhaustion. If you are in this group, then this site is for you.  It will help you to develop the skills and insight that you need to improve your health, whilst also using your experiences as a process of personal transformation and growth.

I have been through this journey myself - I understand the effects that chronic health conditions have on every area of your life. Your relationships, physical functioning, emotional health, ability to do the things that you love, and your overall enjoyment of life.  Yes, it is very frustrating at the time, but experiencing chronic stress or illness also holds great potential for transformation.  It can be a gateway into developing deep insight and wisdom about yourself and the nature of life.

If you are struggling with high sensitivity, anxiety or any type of stress-related illness, you will already know that getting well, and stopping the anxiety, is easier said than done.  In most therapies, there is usually a lot of pressure and expectation for you to control your thoughts and emotions. It's only when you are faced with a really challenging situation, that you realise that will-power simply does not work.

Since my own illness, I have spent many years studying the nature of the mind, and how it affects well-being.  I would love to teach you what I have learnt, so that you can begin to move beyond illness to a place of peace and flow with life - where you can begin to experience wellness, no matter what your external circumstances.

I can help you to understand the nature of the mind and consciousness. To develop insight into how the mind really works, and how you can begin to successfully let go of anxiety and fear in your life forever. To reconnect with your true nature, and to live life in alignment with your soul.

We can help you on each of the 4 stages of this inner journey:

A Journey of Wisdom and Well-Being

Would You Like to Become a Member?

Learn how to master your mind and emotions, improve your health, and transform your life as part of your spiritual journey.

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Access ongoing specialist support

Healthy Mind, Body & Soul

Are you struggling with ongoing health or well-being concerns?

Perhaps you are battling with stress or anxiety, and don;t seem to be able to overcome it and get the emotional stability that you want? Or perhaps you struggle with chronic exhaustion, high sensitivity or an ongoing health condition?

Perhaps you just feel that life is passing you by? You don't feel ill, but you don't feel great either... Maybe your relationships aren't what you want them to be, or you are stuck in a job that you don't like, and you can't quite make the changes that you want in life. You know that you are capable of more, but you are not quite sure how to get there, or what is holding you back?

If any of these scenarios sounds a little too familiar, then the Enlightened Health Circle may be just what you need.

If you would like to find out more, then why not sign up to our waitlist? There is no obligation to join,  absolutely nothing to lose, and potentially lots to gain...

Wellness as a Journey of Personal Transformation

Why Should You Join the Circle?

Reduce symptoms of chronic stress, fatigue and illness

Learn how to thrive as a HSP, empath or spiritually sensitive person

Improve your emotional health - overcome fear or anxiety

Discover how you can use natural therapies to release emotions, increase your energy, and improve your health

Develop self-awareness and presence by understanding the nature of your mind

Attract loving, supportive relationships into your life

Use practical tools to improve your life, deal with difficult situations, and to align with your highest values

Discover real spiritual awakening and wisdom

As a member, you will be able to...

Health and Personal Development
Master your mind and emotions
Chronic Fatigue Conditions
Reduce stress, fatigue and illness
Develop advanced levels of wisdom

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