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Are you experiencing a problem with your health and need some support?

Maybe you:

  • Have a chronic health condition, illness or disability, and want to know what steps you can take to improve your life?
  • Are suffering from stress, fear or anxiety, and can't seem to move past it?
  • Have unpleasant symptoms like pain or fatigue and you want to learn practical ways to manage them?
  • Want to make health-related changes in your life, like improving your diet, but just can't seem to be successful?
  • Are having a spiritual crisis, or experiencing fear of illness or death, but don't feel you have anyone to talk to about it?
  • Have experienced major change, trauma or loss which has left you feeling fearful or anxious?

If any of these things sound familiar to you, then you are in the right place here at Enlightened Health Consulting. Please read on...

Emotional support

Here are some of the things I can help you with:

Learning how to control your mind and emotions

Moving beyond stress, fatigue and chronic illness

Overcoming loss, trauma or emotional overwhelm

Understanding how empathy and compassion can affect your health

Improving your self-esteem and confidence

Exploring the relationship between mind, spirituality and health

Overcoming sub-conscious beliefs or habits

Attracting healthy relationships into your life

Learning how to live well when you have a chronic health condition

Making changes - diet, exercise, or changing compulsive habits

Hi -I'm Daniella, founder of Enlightened Health

D Saunders

I am a mind-body health consultant


I am a philosopher / spiritual counsellor

Here are the 2 main areas I help people with...

One-to-one support

Emotional Health & Chronic Illness

I offer a range of one-to-one coaching programmes for stress and illness at Enlightened Health:

They can help you with:

Practical advice for dealing with major life changes 

Improving your long-term emotional health

Improving your quality of life with chronic stress, fatigue or illness

Making health-related lifestyle changes - diet, exercise, compulsive habits

Learning how to incorporate mindfulness into your life for inner calm

Recovering from stress-related burnout and exhaustion

Personal transformation

Spiritual Counselling & Guidance

I also offer support for existential or spiritual concerns which are affecting your well-being:

Explore the fundamental nature of your mind, thoughts, memory and beliefs

Discover the impact of social, religious and wider influences upon your health

Discussing deeper topics and their impact on well-being- evil, forgiveness, ethics, human behaviour

Exploring or changing who you are - learning how to let go of your past and move to a better future

Support for existential concerns resulting from trauma, illness, or bereavement

How can I help you?

Health & Well-Being
Chronic Health Conditions
Spiritual Counselling

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