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Welcome to the Enlightened Health Circle

We are an online group offering expert guidance for soul-centred people who want to improve their life and health.


Overcome stress, sensitivity and chronic illness by healing your mind, body and soul.

Develop self-awareness, learn new skills, improve your relationships and reach your highest potential.

Explore the nature of mind, consciousness and spirituality, and deepen your connection with your soul.


Join us on a journey of awakening through health and well-being...


Do You Relate To Any Of These Situations?


You are suffering from chronic stress, exhaustion or illness

You have physical symptoms which are impacting your life - inflammation, pain, or fatigue

You have high levels of sensitivity or intuition, and it is affecting your well-being

Your emotional health is challenging - perhaps you struggle with fear, anxiety or depression

You seem to attract toxic relationships or people who are emotionally draining into your life

You have a deep desire to improve who you are, and to reach your fullest potential and life purpose

You are a spiritual seeker who wants to understand the nature of life, consciousness, and divine connection


If so, then you have probably been exploring possible solutions.

I've been there too.  I understand how difficult it is to get high quality support - that's why I decided to create this circle.

 Highly intuitive and heart-centred people are prone to a range of health conditions, including stress-related illness, anxiety and chronic exhaustion.

I have been there myself, when I developed chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia following a prolonged period of intense stress. I began to use my experiences as a way to develop insight, and to create change, in the areas of life I could control.  And to let go of those that I could not.

If you are struggling with high sensitivity, anxiety or chronic illness, you will already know that getting well, and stopping the anxiety, is easier said than done.  In most therapies, there is usually a lot of pressure and expectation for you to control your thoughts and emotions. It's only when you are faced with a really challenging situation, that you realise that will-power simply does not work.

Since my own illness, I have spent many years studying the nature of the mind, and how it affects well-being.  I would love to teach you what I have learnt, so that you can begin to move beyond illness to a place of peace and flow with life - where you can begin to experience wellness, no matter what your external circumstances.

I can help you to understand the nature of the mind and consciousness. To develop insight into how the mind really works, and how you can begin to successfully let go of anxiety and fear in your life forever. To reconnect with your true nature, and to lie life in alignment with your soul.


Read on to find out more...

Would you like to learn how to:


Reduce symptoms of chronic stress, fatigue and illness?

Thrive as a HSP, empath or spiritually sensitive person?

Improve your emotional health - overcome fear or anxiety?

Use natural therapies to release emotions, increase your energy, and improve your health?

Develop self-awareness and presence by understanding the nature of your mind?

Attract loving, supportive relationships into your life?

Use practical tools to improve your life, deal with difficult situations, and to align with your highest values?

Discover real spiritual awakening and wisdom, and to become one with life?

If you answered 'yes' to these questions, then our coaching circle may be right for you...

The Enlightened Health Circle will help you to:

Stress, Fatigue and Chronic Illness

Reduce Stress, Fatigue, Sensitivity and Chronic Illness

Increase your energy

Reduce fear and anxiety

Decrease symptoms

Thrive with high sensitivity

Break the cycle of stress

Natural Remedies

Promote Healing with Mindfulness and Natural Remedies

Reduce pain and inflammation

Release stored emotions

Lower your stress response

Master your mind and thoughts

Improve your health

Changing Your Life Story

Transform your Life Through Wisdom and Personal Growth

Improve your relationships

Develop self-awareness and insight

Increase your levels of resilience

Increase your confidence

Align with your highest potential

Spiritual Awakening

Understand the Nature of Mind and Spiritual Connection

Find your life purpose

Understand mind and consciousness

Explore the nature of existence

Align with your soul

Awaken to your true nature

Would You Like to Become a Member?

Learn how to master your mind and emotions, improve your health, and transform your life as part of your spiritual journey.

Click the button below to reserve your place.  As a thank you for becoming one of our founding members, you will get a discounted rate of £25 per month, or £250 per year, for as long as you remain a member of our circle.

Expert Support for Your Journey

Hi, I'm Daniella - founder of EHC

I am passionate about helping soul-centred people to release limiting beliefs which hold them back so that they can experience their highest potential in life.

The spiritual journey has been my life's purpose for decades. It has been all encompassing.  Not only have I recovered from chronic illness, but I have let go of so many beliefs and habits which were negatively impacting my life. I now have over thirty years experience helping people to improve their health, and to explore the nature of life. Along the way, I have completed many years of university study and become proficient in mind-body therapies. Now I want to share my knowledge with people who it can help.

So, if you currently experiencing difficult circumstances in your life, or struggling with stress and illness, I invite you to make use of my expertise and to make your transition to health and happiness as easy as possible. Why struggle when you can have support from someone who has been through it already?

The reason that I created this circle is to offer you the ongoing support that you need.  To guide you through the difficulties you are experiencing, find the insight and clarity that you want, and bring happiness and well-being back into your life. 

I invite you to join me on this journey from stress and illness, to wisdom and well-being.

Group Coaching for Wisdom, Transformation and Well-Being

Why Should You Join the Circle?

  • You will have ongoing access to professional support from Daniella.  Expert knowledge and guidance to help you through life's challenges.
  • You will expand your support network, and be part of an inspirational group of like-minded people who are on a similar journey
  • You will receive powerful tools and exercises to help you improve the quality of your life and align with your soul
  • You will get regular meditations and videos to help you release stressful emotions, and become more self-aware 
  • You will have ongoing access to our exclusive, ever-expanding, library of content
  • You will explore real spiritual awakening, and deepen your connection with the divine

Are you are a soul-centred person who values integrity, love, and connection?  Do you want to explore life, spirituality and health? Are you a kind, supportive and positive person? If so, I invite you to join our group coaching circle.

How is the Enlightened Health Circle Different to Other Groups?

Professional Expertise

Daniella has an abundance of professional experience helping people reduce stress and illness, and improving their health.  She also has 2 degrees in philosophy, spirituality and health. Plus traditional healthcare qualifications.

Personal Experience

Daniella is a highly intuitive person who has recovered from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. She has been through it herself.  Professional knowledge plus invaluable lived experience helps her to be more effective in helping you.

Individual Support

Many groups are generic, and you can get lost in the crowd.  In our group, you will get personal attention and support, and we will produce content which is relevant for what you want to know.  We will listen to you.

 Holistic Approach

We take a genuinely holistic approach to health.  We recognise the effect that your mind, body, emotions, and spirituality have on your health.  We also consider your external environment and cultural beliefs.

No Nonsense

We are here to explore spirituality and health.  Our members are intelligent people, who have a genuine interest in exploring the deeper questions of life. We do not engage in irrational belief systems or practices.

Ongoing Support

Daniella has been helping people to improve their well-being for over 30 years now.  She is not intending to go anywhere, and will be here to support you for as long as you need it.  We will be here to help you through your personal journey.

A Few Things Included In Your Membership...

Online learning image
Live Coaching Sessions
Professional Guidance
Supportive Community

Membership Includes:

Workbooks & Exercises

Inside our circle you will be able to access coaching exercises and other useful resources - you can work through in your own time to help you transform your life and health.

Live Group Coaching Sessions

Membership includes the opportunity to attend live coaching calls.  You can discuss your concerns in a confidential setting, receive guidance, and interact with your fellow members.

Expert Support from Daniella

Ongoing exclusive access to the members forum, where you will receive expert guidance.  Know that you always have support on hand if you need it - no matter what is happening in your life.

Inspirational Community

You don't have to go through your journey alone. Join our community of like-minded people, and share your experiences with a supportive group of inspirational friends.

A Weekly Intention

Every week we choose an area of wisdom, spirituality or health which we focus on.  You will receive a video, article, or a guided meditation to help you release stress and improve your life.

Exclusive Members-Only Discounts

As a member of our circle, you will also receive exclusive members-only discounts on other services, including online courses, one-to-one consultations and webinars.

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